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Customer Comments

Thanks Tallboys! 6’5” rider here with a 37” inseam, and for the first time in over 24 years of riding, my motorcycle fits. I appreciate it very much!

                                                                                  Rob - Tarkington Prairie, TX

Hi again Andy & the Team,
Amazing !!!
I received my order 6 days after placing it. 6 days to Australia !! Incredible.
Just put the kit on today and it makes a huge difference. My legs are in a much better place making my total riding position so much more comfortable. I’m really impressed.
Thanks for a great product & I’m sure my mates will be following in my footsteps.
Cheers Guys.

                                                                              Best Regards, Warren L. - Australia

OMG. Fast delivery, great installment instructions. Best part - it feels to me like the center of gravity changed from great to perfect. With the Tall Boys I can corner easier and handle curves better. These are fantastic on my 2019 Road Glide Special. Ride is way much more comfortable.

                                                                                   George M. - Elburn, Illinois

I was hesitant to get these. I called and spoke to Andy. What a nice guy. He took the time to talk to me about the parts and answered all my questions. I ordered the kit and got it in two days, Andy had made sure to try to get it out to me as quickly as he could and he did. I got the kit and hesitated as I couldn't work up the nerve to cut into my lower fairings. Finally put the kit on at my buddy's. Got back from a quick test ride and I didn't have the words to describe the difference. Had a day of riding yesterday and didn't wake up with sore knees and hips this morning like usual. By the way I am 6'5" and 360lbs. I ride a 2018 Road Glide Ultra which folks say I make look small. If you haven't ordered the kit yet, get it done. The fear of not getting my feet off and on the boards has changed to the best ride I've ever had.

                                                                                     Dave S. - Eastlake, Ohio

Andy thank you for this awesome product!  First time ever I'm able to use my legs to better control my bike. My legs are finally even with the top of my gas tank!  And no muscle cramping from being folded up like a monkey on a football!    
                                                                                     Larry W. - Indianapolis, Indiana

Just bought my second set. I'll never have another bike without your product.    Bill - Florence, SC

I am not the “typical” Tallboys customer.  At 5'8'', 170 pounds and 30” inseam, I am neither a former NBA center, nor a retired NFL offensive lineman. But as my lower body flexibility decreased, I was finding it uncomfortable to quickly move my feet on and off of my Road King's footboards.   A conversation with Andy convinced me that their footboard  re-locators might be the answer. The brackets arrived quickly, and installation was straightforward.  Long story short (pun intended), they did exactly what I was hoping that they would do! Product quality is outstanding, and their customer service is equally so.
                                                                                   Jerry - North Conway, NH

Upgraded to the 2018 Road Glide this past Monday and sent my order to you in the afternoon. Received them Thursday morning and immediately installed. What a relief! Thanks for an awesome product, fast shipping, and keep up the good work!

                                                                                   Repeat customer with 36" inseam!

Installed these on my 2014 Street Glide yesterday, went out for ride, what was i thinking for waiting so long. Wow!!!! what a difference in comfort. Definitely recommending these to everyone I know who is a taller rider. Thanks Tall Boys for an awesome product!     

                                                                                           Jeff K. - Jodie, WV

Added the floor board kit to my 2018 road glide. The kit along with the recommendation for the parts from Soft Brake made it perfect. I can’t thank you enough. I will definitely be telling the guys here in Cincinnati about you.

                                                                                           Robert R. - Fairfield, Ohio

Stock 2013 Road King Classic felt like i was a monkey humping a football. Dropping my knees below hip level and letting my leg go forward made all the difference in the world for comfort and more importantly, the confidence and control. I recommend anyone try them. Absolutely need if you are a full sized person. (I go 6'2 250).               Mongo

Thank you for such a great option for riders with longer legs! I have a 35" inseam and, when I bought my 2017 Road King Special, my knees were over the tank which made for a not so comfortable ride. After a lengthy search and reading many forums/blogs on this topic, I saw a lot of remarks for other products moving the feet forward and out but not lowering. I knew that wouldn't work for me, and then I stumbled onto these. I knew that these brackets were what I was looking for, and what a difference they make.

My legs are in a more natural riding position and my knees are no longer hovering above the tank. I feel as if I am riding more "in" the bike now instead of "on top" of it. I have no cramping or discomfort and am able to ride for as long as I desire. This was the best investment for this bike that I have made so far. If you are researching as I once was, please buy this product..... This is one add-on purchase you won't regret.

                                                                                            Sam F. - Lakeland, Florida

My wife ordered the lowering kit for me as a surprise. Best gift I ever got!!! I'm 6'4" and 250 pounds. It made a huge difference for me. Glad someone is looking out for us tall guys.                              Dan E. - Englewood, Florida

Bought these and just put them on the other day, i am 5ft 8" tall with a 30" inseam and wholly crap! the riding position is perfect! brings your rear glutes back down on the seat to take all the pressure off just your spine, moves the boards out of the way a bit when your feet are down, knees are down and lower legs at a much more comfortable angle (think triangle seating) . I took corners pretty good no issues and did not want to get off my bike at all. I cannot recommend these enough. If you were a peg forward rider for many years and having a hard time getting comfy with the OEM board setting you need these brackets. Good stuff, happy customer, thanks. 

                                                                                            Mike B. - Edmonton AB Canada

Finally someone made a product that is just what it says it is. I feel so much better riding now. I could tell the very first time I rode. This is a good product. Thanks for making it available to the public. I will now enjoy my bike to its fullest.

                                                                                            T. Dabney - Coldspring, Texas

Where have these been? Way more room , tons more confidence when riding. No issues on lean, just absolutely perfect for full sized people (6'2" with 34" inseam)                                                               Mongo - Grove City, Ohio

I've been using this product now for about two years... It made the difference for me to be able to ride my Road King at 6'4" 250lbs since then I have turned a lot of my buddies who ride onto them with always the same results.. Pure comfort .....

                                                                                                   R. Ketchum

Your floorboard lowering brackets are fantastic 5 stars for you and your products plus the same day shipping on a Saturday.  I got them today
Monday and installed them in 20 minutes.  Having dumped my brand new bike leaving the dealer and trashing the paint on my new 2018 Street
Glide when my size 14 Harley boot stuck in the shifter really passed me off.  Harley dealer had no answer for clearance other than to remove
rear shifter and buy a cap.  My Google search found your site, the 5 star reviews were all I needed as the product made perfect sense.  Thank
you for the fast shipping and great solution to a stupid design flaw. my touch up paint is still on back order at the parts counter but at least my boot won't be taking me down anytime soon.  Job well done!


Unfreakingbelievable! I researched forums, read customer comments (like you're doing now) and finally pulled the trigger. OMG what a difference! I wish I had these 10 years ago! It's a different bike. First of all, these were in my hands in two days after purchase. This is a well made quality product. There is no competition for this product. Period. If you're reading this then you're considering them. Stop considering and pull the damn trigger! Easily the best money I have spent on my bike. You can bet there will be a set on every bike I ever own. Thank you Tall Boys. Thank you!                                                                  Patrick - Bardstown, KY

Just picked up a new 2016 Road King and the first thing I did was ditch the stock Harley seat and install a Lepera Daddy Long Legs seat. That set me back and was a huge improvement comfort wise over the stock seat. Your floorboard kit took it to the next level and I don't need to make any more changes. The bike fits me perfect now. Such a huge difference only a couple inches make. If you feel at all cramped on your Harley, do not hesitate to put these on will love them ! As far as the price, how much is your comfort worth ? Best $ 200.00 I have spent to date. I bought my bike to ride it and this kit makes it that much more enjoyable to put on the miles.....great job and a great product ! Thanks so much !

                                                                                                 BJR - Dearborn, MI

AWESOME sums it up.  I was amazed the difference and how much more comfortable i was.

I'm 6'3, Just put them on 2015 Road Glide and as soon as I put feet on boards it felt sooooo good.
To be honest they could be another inch lower because I have long lower legs.
100% better than stock. 100% happy with product and shipping. 100% recommend these kits.

                                                                                                Carl - Shasta, California


Holy shit.... I am 6'5" and 240 lbs. I have ridden Harleys for 30 plus years and have tried different types of floorboard moving kits.  I have never been satisfied with the final product.  20 years ago I sold my FLH because it didn't fit me and went to a heriatage softail so I could get a little more seat room.  Last month a friend needed to sell his 2012 screamin eagle ultra and gave me a price I couldn't resist.  I frantically searched for floorboard moving kits and came across Tallboycycles, hesitantly I ordered them thinking I was getting the same old kit that does nothing but move the floorboards out and barley forward.  Not the case my friends, I was blown away with the seat and leg room difference.  I'm a fan and you can bet everyone I see will get my story including my 6'5" brother that lives in Ohio..  Semper Fi                                                                                                                          Dave - Las Cruces, New Mexico

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I received my kit yesterday and installed them today.   They look great and feel even better!  great product fit and finish are outstanding.

                                                                                                   Mark - Fort Recovery, Ohio

Without a doubt, the best investment I've ever made! Please start a referral program so I can make my money back. I've had over 30 people just today sit on my bike and instantly want this kit on their bike. Couldn't be happier!!

                                                                                                   David - Chisago City, Minnesota

What a HUGE difference!!!  Feel like a whole new bike again.  Your kit along with the H-D tall boy saddle has really opened up some leg room for me and my 36" inseam.  H-D makes low versions of bikes for shorter folks, they need to use this as a stock item to make tall versions.  I just need to get an aftermarket brake pedal, or reconfigure mine.

                                                                                                   John - Dover, North Carolina

Got these this summer for my 1994 Electraglide Glide. I am beyond pleased. The new location of the floorboards stopped my hips and back from hurting on long rides. If you are over six feet and thinking every bike is too small, you are wrong. Just buy these.                                                                                                                                       John - Putnam, Connecticut

I have a new 2015 Road Glide Special and my lower back and right hip issues were making me feel like I was going to have to sell it and hang up my leathers for good. I've tried a few products to remedy my pain when riding, but finding tallboys cycles' footboard relocation kit has given me renewed life!  Fantastic product, perfect fit, and outstanding performance...I can't thank you enough! 

                                                                                                  Roger - Painted Post, New York

Thank You Very Much for making a great product!!!! My 2016 Road Glide was unrideable from the dealership as far as I was concerned. I have 2 hip replacements and my legs have some limited motion. These relocation brackets moved my legs into a perfect position so I can ride the bike for hours with no issues. This weekend we had a small altercation with a deer in Northern NJ, we won but had to drop the bike. Myself and my girlfriend were fine, but the shifter side brackets were damaged and need to be replaced. One phone call on Monday morning was all it took, great customer service was sending out a replacement set of brackets ASAP. Everyone who has sat on the bike with the modified floorboards has been amazed on how comfortable it is now. The standard comment from everyone is, " I did not know there was anything out there like this, give us the website."   Thank You Again 

                                                                                                   Tom - West Milford, New Jersey

This is a great product. Shipping was supper fast and the install was easy to follow and didnt take long at all. You wouldn't think that moving the floor boards a few inches would make that much of a difference but man i could feel the difference as soon as i headed out for a test ride. Can't wait to try it out on a longer run. I'm 6'5 and around 300 pounds and this product might have just saved me from trading my bike in for a few more years.  Thanks Guys                                       Kent - Eagle Butte, South Dakota

I installed a set of your relocation kit on my 2014 Harley Ultra limited.  Was impressed with the quality of the materials and how they were labeled and packed.  The instruction manual is actually a manual not just a piece of paper.  The templates were very helpful  All in all would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to get their Harley touring bike to have the leg room it needs.

                                                                                                    Roger - Kalispell, Montana

I got the package in record time! That doesn't happen often enough... I put the brackets on and have ridden to work a few times and took a short ride around my area. These lowering kits are GREAT! I'll likely find a longer brake pedal a bit later. I haven't taken a long ride yet but I'm sure the new foot position will be fine. I'm certainly glad I found your product and have already recommended it to a friend.

Thanks!                                                                                        Billy - Atoka, Tennessee

Just installed your equipment on my 08 Road Glide and I couldn't believe the difference.  I wish I had known about these years ago. My knees are not above my gas tank anymore and I feel like my HD stock floorboards have gotten longer. Fantastic fit and feel. Didn't even have to jack the bike up to install. Additonally, I took the bike out and practiced some figure "8" s and no scrapping. Congratulations on a wonderful and well worth it product.                                             Allan - Kennesaw, Georgia


Received the brackets and got them installed.
Easy install ! Love them ! Makes riding my 94 HD flhtcu shrine so much easer. And I am 59 yr.  295lbs 6' 2" Not so cramped up either.

                                                                                                     David - Ocala, Florida


I put my Road Glide Ultra in the garage last year around the 4th of July and didn't ride it the rest of the summer. It had finally become too painful to ride. Even a short 30 minute ride resulted in it being extremely painful to walk the next day. The hip and knee pain took the fun out of riding and I wanted to sell it. I was constantly moving my feet on the foot boards and even the highway pegs offered little relief. I ended up not selling it and got it out for a ride about 3 weeks ago. The wife and I went to The Roadhouse and the pain was still there. After making it home and being in pain the following day, just like always, I decided that I was definitely going to sell it this year.
Before placing an ad to sell, I decided to browse the web again to see if there might be something out there that could help. I was actually looking at taking the foot boards off and putting forward controls on which could cost as much as $800.00 or more. I was also thinking about having my stock seat narrowed and lowered. My search results led me to a company that makes new mounting hardware for the foot boards. It moves them approximately 2" forward and 2-1/2" down at the heel putting your feet in a more natural position. They recommend using an extended shift lever and brake pedal but the kit will still work with the stock hardware. After thoroughly reading their website and the reviews I called them to ask some more detailed questions.
After all of my questions had been fully answered I asked the owner if it would be possible to set up a visit and check out his bike with the kit installed. The owner agreed without hesitation and even offered to have several bikes there to compare. I drove to their location in Van Wert, Oh and, upon sitting on the owners bike, an Ultra Classic, I knew that this might help me. I bought the kit on the spot along with an extended brake pedal from Softbrake. I had to order the matching extended shift lever and it arrived 2 days later. I also ordered a spacer kit that moves the footboards out 3/4". After putting everything on the bike and going for a ride around the block, I immediately noticed a huge difference...
On Saturday, June 6th, we decided to ride to Sandusky for Bike Week. I was also going to look for a vendor to modify my seat just in case. Well, after a scenic ride of almost 100 miles to Sandusky, a distance that would have normally been unbearable before, I had no pain at all! After walking around Sandusky for about 4 hours, we got back on the bikes for the trip home, with a quick stop at Margaritaville. I never found the guy that modifies seats and don't think I need to have it done now anyway. Upon arriving home after almost 200 miles total for the day, I had absolutely no pain but the true test was yet to come. I was sure that I would be in pain the next day and was dreading having to work. I felt great the next morning when I woke up and had no pain and no stiffness. I had just experienced my first pain free ride in over 10 years!

                                                                                                      Jerry S - Toledo, Ohio

Hey guys, I recently bought your floorboard brackets & Softbrake's extended brake pedal for my 2014 HD Limited. I'm 6'2" and have had both knees replaced so it was near impossible to use the rear brake and my feet only fit on 2/3rds of the floorboards. Now I have no problem using the rear brake and the position of the floorboards now allows me to use the boards and they're incredibly comfortable too!!! Thanks a lot!!!

                                                                                                       Earl D - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I'm a 6'5" guy with a 36" inseam. I installed your parts on my 05 Road King and I am very happy with them. I just went on a 70 mile cruise and I am happy as a Lark. Very comfortable.
I will say that  by lowering the footboards it exposes the unshielded portion of the exhaust pipe and burned the heal of my shoe. A quick search found me a heat shield  that "bridges the gap" and solves the problem. I have one on order.

                                                                                                        Darrell B - Turtle Lake, North Dakota

Just had my shop install my floorboard extensions and Softbrake arm. The guys at the shop love them and apparently lots of customers are commenting, trying to figure out what's different with the boards on that bike. I hope you get some more sales from my buy. Great service and quality, by the way.                                                                          Den M - Pickering Ontario, Canada

I bought the floorboard relocation kit, I tell you worth it's money in gold.  I also purchased the soft brake extended pedal for my 2015 Road Glide all I can say is that it is an awesome product well worth the money both were simple to install.
                                                                                                          Eric V - Geismar, Louisiana

Finally got these installed on my 2007 Road King Custom. What a difference a couple of inches has made to the comfort of my ride!! Easy install, took around 30 minutes. Just a quick mention for those of us in Europe who have difficulty in finding tools in inches. The instructions states you need allen keys in 7/16 and 9/16 well on the kit that I received the bolts required an allen key in 3/8 so I had to delay install whilst I waited for delivery of the correct tool. All in all though it was worth the wait. Great product I would buy again without a thought.

                                                                                                           Gary H - Alicante Spain

The guys at Tall Boys are top notch. I received the brackets shortly after ordering and they went on easily with the included instructions. They also ordered me the soft brake and after made sure I got the fitment I was looking for. Tall Boys Cycles is customer service at its finest.

                                                                                                            Jon P. - Reno, Nevada


I wanted to let you know that I was a bit skeptical that the small amount of adjustment advertised wouldn't make a big difference. I just installed them yesterday and am extremely impressed with how different the ride is. It feels like the floorboards dropped about 4”, VERY comfortable! I installed them with the Pro-Pad extenders and have no issues when turning. I’m sure that on a tight mountain road there might be a scrape or two but that’s only about 1% of my riding as I live in Florida.
I did have to modify the length of the location pins on the rear parts to fit into the Pro-Pad extenders and drilled out the powder coating on both front parts to get the bolts to go thru. Otherwise they were a snap to install. Excellent product, thanks!


                                                                                                              JD - Jacksonville, Florida

Just got the kit today.  Installed in a snap and my 2013 Street Glide is now the bike I always wanted it to be!  So much more comfortable.  Shifting is effortless for the first time.  I'm taking the flyer to my Harley dealor and telling them there really is a way to custom fit a bike to the rider!  Excellent!


                                                                                       Dom - North Hunington, Pennsylvania

Postman brought my footboard relocation kit today (2 days post payment, thank you) and 1 hour to dry fit and attach permanently with the tools you specify.  No modifications necessary to a 2010 Road King, even added the Kuryaykn 1" out, 1" forward kit, no trouble at all.  Parts are well made, the welds are mostly smooth, and the powdercoat black matches the frame very well.  For the record, I am 6' 4" with a 38" inseam, and this kit saved me about $1K in the form of a tallboy type seat and forward controls.  I didn't want to lose my footboards, I like the ability to move my foot around, and oddly enough, the butt bucket and sacrum brace on the stock Road King seat fit me perfectly, and I didn't want to trade that for a seat that moves me back a couple of inches but isn't as comfortable.
Good work, Tallboys

                                                                                          Phil - Texas City, Texas 

Just bought your foot board relocation kit, it's the next best thing to sliced bread!! I am six two and needed more room after putting on Kuryakyn switch blade foot board witch raised me up almost an inch, now with your kit ,I am comfortable once again. Awesome product, will recommend to all tall and big guys!! Thank You


                                                                                          Damien - Brockton, Massachussets

Good morning, writing to say that the purchase of the lowering kit for my 2014 Street Glide was a great purchase. The difference in a couple inches has made the ride a lot more comfortable, and the longer rides cause less strain on the lower back. I would recommend this set up to any one wishing a little more leg room.


                                                                                          Bob - Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania

My brackets arrived late yesterday and I put them on last night. The whole way to work was one continuous sigh of relief. My Street Glide is comfortable now. Thanks!


                                                                                        Sean - Cypress, Texas

Just a quick word of thanks to you guys for the excellent late model relocation kit I received here in Arizona. Great fabrication / finish quality and fit. My RGC is much more comfortable for my 6-3 frame now!

                                                                                        Thanks again,

                                                                                         Jay - Green Valley, Arizona

Just want to say how pleased I am with your relocation kit. I am 6'2" and was almost desperate feeling my knees just under my elbows when riding. Now I feel very comfortable and relaxed sitting on the bike. I will recommend your kit to all my tall fellow bikers! Thank you!

                                                                      Stefan, Sweden, temporarily living in Belgium.

"Good morning" "I just wanted to say that I am extremely satisfied with the kit on my 09 street glide. I installed it in less than 1hr. I now have about 800 miles with them on and love them, money well spent. I am 6'2" and it feels like forward controls." "Thanks"                                 Everett - Windsor, Vermont



"After a few miles, I can say that your product is awesome. It does the job as you said. I will never ride without it again...." "Thank you for solving my problem."

                                                                                     Carl - Quebec City, Canada


"Thanks guys for the help have been trying for over a year to get that pinch out of my hip. Installed them in about 30 min. WOW what a difference. This product really works. It was good meeting all of you in Ft. Wayne, Ind. Only thing is a longer reach to the break pedal, but the N.E.D. break help with that.""LOL Best of luck."                                                                                 Ned - Ft. Wayne, Indiana

"Guys I have to tell you. Your floorboard lowering kit is just what the doctor ordered. I am 6'6" with a 36" inseam. My knees have always been above my hips on my Road King causing me to be uncomfortable on long rides.  After installing your kit I feel like an average size person on my bike. No more cramps and no more sore butt.  People that are afraid of dragging the boards need not worry. In addition to your kit I also have the Kury kit that moves the boards out another inch and forward another inch and it works fine."                


                                                                                    Kennon - Camden, Alabama

Just got the extensions in the mail and put them on my '13 Street Glide. First thing I noticed was the quality of the craftsmanship, very precise
and well made. Got done bolting them up, which took about 20 mins, and went for a ride. I was absolutely amazed at the difference in the feel of the bike, my position felt much more natural. I rode around the
neighborhood taking turns as far over as I could go and never came close to dragging the boards. I would recommend this product to anyone, tall or not.

                                                                                    Steve - Friendswood,Texas  

Best part I have installed on my bike to this day! I have a 36" inseam and these really help. The guys here are awesome to deal with!
                                                                                     Mark - Sherwood, Arkansas

I wanted to thank you. My wife had big reservations about cutting the lowers back on our 2014 Ultra Limited to install these. A local Harley shop manager told me that most people wouldn’t even notice the changes, so I took a chance and ordered the kit.

My wife was out of town so I installed it while she was gone, and it was almost two weeks later when she asked if we had received the kit yet.

When I told her it was already installed, her mouth dropped open. When she looked at the finished installation, she couldn’t believe it. The installation was clean enough to qualify as factory to her eyes.

However, the real difference was in my riding position. We recently changed the handlebars out on this bike for 2” taller and 2” further forward to better fit my 6’ 2” frame, with 34” inseam. I cannot begin to describe the difference in control.

West Virginia is well known for its twisting country roads, and the motorcycle now feels as if its controlled by thought alone. We’ve owned a 2010 Ultra Limited, 26,488 miles and 13 months to the day we bought a 2012 Road Glide Ultra, 38,600 miles later we traded for a 2010 Goldwing, 15,000 miles later we went back to Harley, and never have I experienced the level of comfort that I now have. The seat fits better, the bike is more stable, and my level of confidence has reached an all new pinnacle.

The same local HD shop manager once joked, “If Harley built a bike that fit you, that they wouldn’t be able to sell it to anyone else.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that for not a lot of money, you can now experience a Harley that is custom fit to you.

Thank you for a well thought out, well engineered product.

                                                                                           Sincerely, Larry & Cathy

I just got the Tall Boys is awesome. Thanks for developing a great product. I will recommend them to my buddies who could use them. I just have to adjust the brake pedal a bit, but I can get use to it as it is.

Thanks again,

                                                                                         Tim - Ada, Ohio

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